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Senior Home Care: When to Bring in Help

Senior Home Care: When to Bring in Help. There are a few red flags to watch out for. It can be hard to determine the next steps for your senior loved one’s care. Know when to bring in help.

Below, there are also some tips on how to start a dialog with them. It is essential that you and your loved on are on the same page when it comes to their care.

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What to Look for to Help you Determine if More Assistance is Needed.

All of these are signs that more help may be needed for your loved one. The next step will be to have a conversation with your loved one/. They may need help when it comes to maintaining independence.

A great approach is to make a list of “next steps”. By starting with less invasive action items they may be more agreeable. Such as a shuttle service to help them get to appointments or a medication organizer with timer to assist them in taking medications. It could also be something as simple as medical equipment such as a shower chair or grab bar for the shower. This can help to ease them into the idea of additional help.

Tips to Having an Open Conversation with your Loved One about their Future Care.

When it comes to introducing the idea of having senior home care, you may have a difficult time starting a conversation with your loved one. You could be met with resistance from them.

Below are some tips that should help to maintain an open and agreeable dialog. By including your loved one in the process it will ensure that they feel more accepting, as well as have more trusting in the idea. It will also open the table for more conversations in the future.

Peace of Mind

It may also help to let them know that them having extra help also helps to ease your mind, knowing their needs are being met. Once you have had this conversation, it really builds a foundation for future communication about their care. And it lets everyone know that you are all on the same page.

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