12 Tips for Bathing & Dressing with Dementia Patients

12 Tips for bathing and dressing with with dementia patients. As our loved ones age, especially in cases of Alzheimer's Dementia, some day to day tasks may become increasingly difficult such as bathing and dressing. Here are a few things you can do to help them maintain independence and continue to do tasks for themselves.… Continue reading 12 Tips for Bathing & Dressing with Dementia Patients

Alzheimer's Disease

10 Easy Activities For Alzheimer

Activities for Alzheimer 10 easy activities for your loved one with Alzheimer and Dementia. Managing Alzheimer's and dementia is challenging. A good way to keep your loved one engaged is using simple activities.  Also, keeping your loved one active during the day is beneficial for managing sleep disturbances that can come with Alzheimer's. A great… Continue reading 10 Easy Activities For Alzheimer

Home Care Agency

Choosing a Home Care Agency- The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Choosing Home Care for Your Loved One Choosing a home care agency for your aging loved one can be a challenge. Like other types of purchases, it pays to do your research and compare options. Senior care is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. There are large differences among competitors in the… Continue reading Choosing a Home Care Agency- The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

healthy meal prep for seniors

Healthy Meal Prep for Elderly

Healthy meal prep can promote both enjoyment and health in the elderly. Favorite recipes can provide comfort, spark happy memories and bring people together. Holidays are often celebrated with a family meal. The memories surrounding those meals can often be some of the happiest times in ones life.  Continue reading for tips on healthy meal… Continue reading Healthy Meal Prep for Elderly

In Home Senior Care

Alzheimer’s Disease and Sundowning

Alzheimer's Disease and Sundowning. Caring for a loved one that suffers from Alzheimer's disease or Dementia can become very exhausting for the caregiver. Your loved one my become irrational or exhibit erratic behavior. For more information about Care Giver Burnout, click HERE. Additionally, they may begin wandering or begin suffering from a condition known as… Continue reading Alzheimer’s Disease and Sundowning