Anti Aging Essential Oils Top 8 List


Anti Aging Essential Oils – TOP 8 LIST! A natural remedy using anti aging essential oils are becoming more and more popular for living well. As you age, there are also ways to use Essential oils to live a more vibrant and healthy life.

Anti Aging Essential Oils

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Anti Aging Essential Oils

Using a diffuser is a great way to access the multitude of benefits from Essential oils, as you breathe them in through the lungs. The following are some of the common ailments of old age that can benefit from the healing relief of essential oils.

1. Arthritis

Rosemary, thyme or lavender

2. Poor circulation/varicose veins

Lemon, cypress, clary sage, Rose

3. Wrinkles/Sagging Skin

Orange, cedarwood, sandalwood, pomegranate

4. Age Spots/Sun Spots

Frankinsense, Rose

5. Memory Loss/Dementia

Peppermint, basil, rosemary, Clary sage

anti aging essential oils

6. Low energy

Bergamot, Ginger, Peppermint, Basil, Grapefruit

7. Respiratory issues

Eucalyptus, peppermint

8. Insomnia

Lavender, Chamomile

anti aging essential oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils have an immense effect on the body and brain. Oils can be very effective in managing some of the difficult behaviors often exhibited by patient’s living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

These behaviors stem from the strong feelings of:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Confusion

Sometimes aromatherapy can also awaken memory centers in the brain tied to positive experiences. Essential Oils are a great non-pharmaceutical way to help relieve some of these strong feelings. They can help calm the person living with dementia.

Also if you or your loved one are moving into a senior community, you may find that using a diffuser for aromatherapy can help ease some of the stressors of getting settled into the new environment.

Citrus can help you keep the air in your apartment clean and smelling fresh, as well as provide an energy boost.

Lavender , chamomile, and sandalwood can help promote a more restful night’s sleep as you get used to your new sleeping quarters. The staff in many assisted living communities are using essential oils with their residents to reduce the use of medications and even reducing the risk of falls.

While Essential oils, when used properly, are generally accepted as safe and have a multitude of benefits associated with them, they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Aging Authority recommends consulting with your doctor before using to ensure the oils will not have an adverse reaction with medications you are taking or otherwise be detrimental to your health.

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