10 Best Amazon Finds for Elderly at Home
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10 Best Amazon Finds for Elderly at Home

10 Best Amazon Finds for Elderly at Home. There are many useful items on Amazon to help elderly loves ones and their caregivers who desire to remain at home. Below are the BEST 10 Amazon finds for elderly at home. These products will help to ensure safety and daily function, and as much independence as possible for our loved ones.

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One of the biggest concerns of caregivers is that their aging loved one is forgetting their medications daily. One of the most useful products that I have found is the Smart Pill Reminder Box. It is programmable and makes it so easy for your loved one to remember to take their medications on time daily.

Another way that some caregivers ensure their loved one takes their medications is using an echo or Alexa to set medication reminders, or to use the Alexa drop in feature.

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Fall Alerts and Monitors

One of the main risks for senior living on their own is falling. But, there are top 10 best products that help reduce the risk as well as alert caregivers in the case of a fall or other emergency. This can help your loved one continue to live independently as well as give you peace of mind.

A good medical alert system is something I recommend at every consult. One of my personal top choices is this one. It offers both lanyard and watch style option and it can work with both landline or cellular.

There are some aging adults do not like wearing the unsightly “alert button” lanyard. An alternative is a Smart Watch with GPS Tracking and Fall Alert is a great way to keep them safe, and a watch is usually something that they may wear already.

Additionally, another great and easy to install product is the Cordless Fall Monitor and Cordless Floor Mat. You can place this bedside or in the doorway and it will alert you in the event of your loved one falling or tries to leave the room when they should be attended.

Bathroom Safety Products

A great product for bathroom safety is an Adjustable Bathtub Safety Grab bar. This is a really easy way to modify the bathroom without having to make any permanent changes to the home.

You may also find that you will need either a shower chair or transfer tub bench. A transfer tub bench is great when you have a tub that your senior loved one cannot step over. It helps them by allowing them to sit down on the outside of the tub and easily slide over into the tub.

Kitchen Safety Products

As our loved ones age, they may being to show signs of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. There are many risks including they may forget that they have something cooking on the stove. Having an auto stove shut off can help prevent fires in the home.

Also in the kitchen, it has been found that food contamination can be an issue during food prep. An awesome and easy tool to help alleviate that is to have colorful cutting boards. This helps remind them to use the different cutting boards for different foods such as meat and veggies.

Additional Helpful Products for dementia

It may also be helpful for you to have an orientation clock in your loved one’s home. This is a great product to use for adults with early stages of Alzheimer’s. It is made to help with memory loss and refocus your loved one.

For those that have their aging loved one living with them, a fidget pad can be a great tool to keep your loved one engaged and calm.

And finally, as a care giver it is important to ensure that you are well organized and enabled to act on behalf of your loved one’s plans and wishes. A great tool for this by AARP is this ABA/AARP Checklist for My Family: A Guide to My History, Financial Plans and Final Wishes. The is a really good tool to help you keep all your loved one’s information in one place.

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