Top 10 Best Technology Products for Seniors

Top 10 best technology products for seniors. Taking care of an aging parent or loved one is hard, especially from afar. However, technology can be a very helpful tool in ensuring your loved ones are safe. There are many ways seniors can use technology to maintain independence, and ensure your peace of mind. Keep reading for the top 10 best technology products for seniors.

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One of the biggest concerns of caregivers is that their aging loved one is forgetting their medications daily. One of the most useful products that I have found is the Smart Pill Reminder Box. It is programmable and makes it so easy for your loved one to remember to take their medications on time daily.

In addition, some caregivers ensure their loved one takes their medications is using an echo or Alexa to set medication reminders, or to use the Alexa drop in feature. The simplest product is probably the Dot, but another option is the Alexa Show which has two way video calling if both people have an Alexa. Click the following link for a catalogue of options available.

All new Echo devices 2019

Another helpful technology is the Wyze Cameras—they are inexpensive cameras that you can control from a a smart phone app. You can turn the cameras off and on and have two way communication. This is very helpful to be able to check in on your loved one when you cannot be there.

Seniors who are hard of hearing may find the Chair Speaker personal TV listening system beneficial. Get a free 30 day trial by clicking through this link.

Another impressive technology for seniors is the GPS SMART SOLE insert. This product is beneficial for those with dementia who may have a tendency to wander off and may get lost. The insoles fit easily into most adult shoes and let you monitor the whereabouts of loved ones. Check out the Gps Smart Sole Shoe Inserts here.

Elder Depot offers several of these products at great prices:

  • Large Display Clock- helps for your loved one to stay oriented and reduces confusion
  • Personal Amplifiers- Hearing amplification devices allow those with hearing loss to start hearing again! Additionally, most of these hearing impaired products are also hearing aid compatible, so they can be used while wearing hearing aids for that additional needed boost.
  • Senior Friendly Remote Controls-large, easy to read buttons for those with low vision or dementia.
  • Specialized phones for hearing loss and visual impairment- hearing impaired phones and big button telephones to meet a variety of needs.
  • Large Print Keyboards – Large print keyboards and laptop keyboard stickers that include large letters that are 400% larger and high contrast colors so you can easily see the keys, numbers, and functions.

Rethink Senior Friendly Phones


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