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Self Care Sunday: How to Overcome Stress

How to over come stress? Many caregivers are under a tremendous amount of stress. They are generally juggling many competing priorities, Additionally, they are always putting their loved ones first. So, what are some healthy ways to overcome stress?

Try using a large print family wall calendar to keep your self organized. A well planned out scheduled can be very helpful to manage stress. Keep reading for our stress management checklist.

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Stress may be negatively affecting your health. And, you may not even know it. Symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, fatigue, even upset stomach can all be potentially stress related. There may be an illness or underlying medical issue. However, stress may actually be the cause.

It takes some work and commitment, but you can learn to manage your stress and improve your health.

The following is a checklist that will help you find healthy options to overcome stress. Natural Health Supplements! Click here!

Stress Management Checklist

  • Get Physical- Exercise is a great mood and energy booster! And joining a gym can provide a social aspect for extroverted caregivers.
  • Recharge/unplug- Meditate/Yoga, listen to music

  • Get enough sleep- it is important to be well rested
  • Set boundaries (learn to say no)
  • Seek counseling and/or join a support group. It does not have to be a physical in person group. There are many online resources such as Caring Bridge.
  • Ensure ways to relax, such as using Essential Oils Diffuser or essential oil bath bombs (Lavender is a fantastic stress reliever!)
  • Make sure you eat well- proper nutrition is what feeds our bodies to keep us healthy and active!
  • Journaling- try keeping a caregiver’s journal– this guided journal contains a variety of exercises designed to help caregivers connect with and express their deeper feelings through writing.
  • Stay organized- Having a schedule and routine is very helpful for managing stress. One technique it to make sure family and loved ones are on board with your schedule and help you stick with it. This large print family wall calendar can be very helpful to do this.

  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • De-Clutter- clearing out your physical space can be very beneficial to your mental health
  • Some people find that their souls are fed most by helping and caring for others. If this is you, perhaps even volunteering at a shelter, non profit or animal shelter can be stress reliever that will fuel the soul and help recharge you.

Stress is a common cause of caregiver burnout. If you’re not sure if stress is the cause or if you’ve taken steps to control your stress but your symptoms continue, see your doctor. Your healthcare provider may want to first rule out other health concerns, or refer you to a mental health counselor, who can help you identify and work through the sources of your stress in a healthy way.

Watch my video on avoiding caregiver burnout below.

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